KemperSports Puts Its Managerial ‘True Service’ Program To The Test In Every Partnership

kempersportsResponsive owners and operators of golf courses, conference centers or hospitality operations — who are similarly passionate about providing “best-in-class” services — know that a helping hand can make all the difference. Whether this means a reorganization of hospitality, sales and merchandising services or another innovative approach to providing guests with a memorable experience, KemperSports is here to help. These industry veterans have embraced a hands-on and client-centric management philosophy that places the unique needs of every partnered business first and foremost. In the end, it ensures that proprietary solutions are put in play. After all, KemperSports’ first golf course would go on to host the 1989 PGA Championship a mere decade after it opened so it’s safe to say that the four decades of industry expertise are bound to give your business the boost it needs.

Golf courses come in many forms: municipal sites, privately-run facilities, exclusive clubs, award-winning competitive courses and word class destination resorts. Regardless of which corner of the golf or hospitality industry a client is coming from, KemperSports takes the time to get to know their business and understand their needs. This is accomplished through the company’s proprietary “True Service” customer service philosophy that all new employees are trained in. With True Service, which is administered by KemperSports’ operations group, the culture and management of each client is taken into account when an oversight plan is formed. This is often accomplished through training, mentoring, help with hiring and human resources administration. The results that are seen at sites managed by KemperSports are increased play, property utilization, food and beverage sales, shop sales, customer retention and more.

When bringing aboard the industry experts at KemperSports, the unique situations at each and every course can be accurately assessed. For example, the Chambers Bay course in Washington state has been under the wing of KemperSports since its founding. As a Pierce County, Washington, official said of the company’s input, “We depended on the staff’s guidance and experience then and we continue to do so.” This accomplishment perfectly complements the fact that KemperSports is able to combine its love of golf with expert knowledge on how to run a course so that players keep coming back and a steady revenue stream is established. Under the banner of “Uniquely dedicated. Distinctly different, Custom Property Management,” KemperSports has taken its golf industry knowledge and translated it to the management of more “top 20” courses in its portfolio than any other management company.